Activities at Orto

annetteAt Podere Orto guest are very welcome to take part in our daily labours: feed the chicken, water the plants, bake bread in the wooden oven, gather ripe fruit, go and get water and many other activities which are part of our everyday life.

We also organize wine tastings at organic Vernaccia* and Chianti producers. *La Vernaccia is the typical and famous white wine from S.Gimignano.

And since this year we offer also:


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If your travels take you to Podere Orto at the beginning of July, you will have the chance to watch or even participate in our yearly lavender harvest.
This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself into the smells, the colours and the meticulous work, from the field to the distiller, that is needed to produce our precious lavender oil!
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Italian for travellers

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Grazie! Buon giorno! Che bello! …
everyday situations will be taught and experimented …
short but full immersion into the italian language


Tuscany in our eyes - tours

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We can show you some of our favourite spots in the area
half or full daytrips

italian, english, german and spanish spoken